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About Marianna di Lorenzo

My name is Marianna di Lorenzo, and I am a longtime resident of Spokane, Washington. The art that I create is highly visual and meant to be very interactive.

When viewing my art, whether online or at a physical location, I'm actually inviting you, the viewer, to participate in a "psychological art party"! In almost every image, I have purposefully arranged the figures and compositions to be perceived more like a plot to a good story where you as the viewer can launch your own story about what you think you see, or what you think has happened to the character(s). With that understood, the idea is for you to continue with developing out your own perceptions of the plot. You can even create additional plots or subplots that realize an ending or not. Maybe the story goes on and on!

In short - I'm aiming to create visually pleasing and evocative art that can awaken as many senses, ideas, and epiphanies that can be realized by one person or even a mass of people!

I hope that you find my art to be beautiful, enriching, and entertaining. If you like having your senses, imagination, body, and intellect stimulated then my wish for you is that my art helps you achieve all of the above.

Wishing you kindness, happiness, sensuality, sexiness, passion, love, health - both physically and mentally, and "mind blowing visions" in your mind's eye and surroundings always!

I hope you love...The Art of Marianna di Lorenzo.

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